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About Mooncorp credit

The Mooncorp credit management, is an institute company Incorporated in Finland 2014, Audited by the “EY., KMPG Helsinki (8th Census inc.) and regulated by (AMAG Tech.) Security market agency to operate under the EU's central securities depository regulation. The Mooncorp Credit mgt is also subject to affiliate license by the FDi, S.E.C (with quantitative capital reserve where there's need to rejuvenate customer support.

The project group of company offering blockchain-based assets such as Digital currencies, Forex, Stock bonds, IPO’s and Exchange Traded Funds to its clients, which include individual, institutional group, and international investors. Mooncorp credit is licensed to trade digital assets to clients in over 6 countries around the world.

Trusted by investors from all over the world.

Our records speak for us. We have built relationships backed by trust and integrity. The community of investors who trust us with their financial assets is one where everyone is a winner! We deliver on our word and we have records to show for it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For now, the minimum investment amount with Mooncorp credit is $150. The BONUS PLAN has a flexible amount which could be lower or higher than this, but is usually determined by management and/or economic conditions.
There are no restrictions to funds deposited in your account, except for the security of withdrawal which would require that all withdrawals are confirmed by the account owner. Also, profits are only available at the end of the invesmtent cycle.
The profits on investments (also called ROI: return on investments) are paid to the account given when opening your investment account.
Anyone from 18 and above is eligible to open an investment account with Mooncorp credit.
Mooncorp credit operates a zero-commission investment system. There are therefore no fees attached to investing with us.
Our internal system is backed by a cryptographic 256bits encryption protocol, which is the same used for nearly all blockchain-based technologies.

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